Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Staff at British gas suffering abuse from public over energy costs

British Gas Managing director Phil Bentley has admitted his staff are facing the brunt of public anger from people struggling to pay their gas and electricity bills.

The company boss admitted his staffs was being deluged with increasingly aggressive complaints about rising energy bills. Workers on the road have also been the target for abuse in recent times.

The groundswell of anger has increased substantially as British Gas continues to refuse to pass on the reduction in the wholesale gas price to its 9.2 million customers.
Since the wholesale price of gas has dropped 9.4% it has come as a surprise to many that British Gas has not reduced bills to their customers for gas although they have reduced their electricity bills by 5%.

Phil Bentley admitted in a staff email:”We have seen a groundswell of anti-British Gas comments, with increasingly aggressive tones. All our call centres are under extreme pressure from more angry customers struggling to pay bills”
Rather surprisingly the Managing director points the finger at the media for customer anger by claiming they have exaggerated the price increases customers are experiencing.

His email continued: “There is no doubt in my mind that the energy industry is facing a crisis-a crisis of affordability, a crisis of investor confidence, a crisis of relentless media criticism, in short a crisis of trust”.
It is to be hoped that British Gas bow to public pressure and gives their customers a much needed reduction in their gas bills sooner than later.


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