Friday, 19 August 2011

Family and friends help with Debts?

In times of trouble many people rely on their friends and family for support. We'll ask our family and friends for a variety of support but people often state they can't talk to them about their financial problems.

Friends and family lend a supportive ear when times get tough and whilst some may be judgemental at first, they will undoubtedly help you find an appropriate charity to help.

Our Research

We've asked 157 people who were in debt and less than 16% told their friends and family about their financial problems. This can result in people feeling alone, becoming depressed and suffering from mental problems.

Why you should speak to your friends and family about your debt problems?
  1. "A problem shared is a problem halved"
  2. Your friend / family may have been in the same situation themselves
  3. Your friend / family can provide emotional support
  4. Your friend / family can support you to find a debt charity to help you
  5. Your friend / famly could offer short term support, either financially or by communicating with your creditors?
Have you told your friends and family about a debt problem? Please share your experience with us.


  1. Taking debt is a big issue, one should think seriously before taking it even if it is from any friend or family member; because once you borrow money you have to return it. Money is the thing which can create differences between any relationship.

  2. Hi Pflugerville,

    You are completely correct, debt has caused many problems in relationships and people need to be cautions before taking debt.

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