Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Man in Debt Goes to Extreme Measures: Alternative Debt Advice

Ross Humphries, a man with severe debt problems is facing a three year jail term for agreeing to be a courier of 45 Kilograms of cannabis resin which was worth around £280,000. Mr Humphries received a fee of £250 for his services.

The class B drug was found in Mr Humphries car when he was stopped by police on the M1 in May 2011.

Mr Humphries was a man described as a 'hard-working family man who fell on hard times and got into debt'.

What to do in debt?

It's understandable people in debt may feel stressed and panicked about their debt problems however committing crimes to survive is not a sustainable way solution to debt.

There are numerous debt solutions which people can utilise to resolve their debt problem. These solutions include general money advice, debt management plan, refinance, full and final settlement, IVA, Trust Deed or potentially Bankruptcy.

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