Thursday, 15 December 2011

Debt Management Vs Trust Deed

There are many different reasons people consider opting for a Scottish trust deed. Many are keen to avoid sequestration or stop spiralling interest and charges or continued harassment from creditors. Another reason many people consider entering a trust deed is to write off their debt once and for all.

Why choose a trust deed to write off debt when you can do the same thing through sequestration? The simple answer is both routes will indeed do this, however sequestration has a more negative impact in the long term in relation to your credit history.

Dealing with creditors and debt collecting agencies can to put it mildly be an extremely unpleasant experience and most probably one you are unlikely to forget.
A trustee is required to act on your behalf in order to proceed with a Scottish trust deed, who will negotiate on your behalf with your creditors to secure an arrangement affordable to you in order to clear as much of your debt as you can afford over a period of approximately 3 years.

You may have considered exploring using a debt management as a good solution to clearing your debt however ,this solution can run for 10,12,or sometimes 15 years dependant on the amount of debt you have and how much you can afford to contribute each month. A trust deed will only last for 3 years on average with any outstanding monies due to creditors being written off at the end of that period.

There is also no guarantee within a debt management plan your creditors will stick to your proposal as there is no legal obligation to do so. Equally they are under no obligation to freeze interest and charges as they are in a protected trust deed.
Scottish Trust Deeds offer greater flexible to write off debt and there different ways you can hold some assets. If you have equity in your property you may have to release it dependant on how much you have, however after your trust deed has finished, you will write off any debt remaining on your accounts ,at that point you will then be debt free. Your creditors have no legal right to approach you and cannot come back to take anything from you in the future.

Whilst entering a Scottish trust deed should not be taken lightly, for many it is the correct solution and an excellent way to regain control over your financial position. And best of all after 3 years you are debt free and ready to move your life on free of the burden of worry.


  1. Hmm this is something that really needs to be analyzed very well before making a final decision. Things don't work for all people so I still suggest that one should weigh things first and see what's more beneficial for him/her. :)

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