Monday, 12 December 2011

Trust Deed Scotland Advice

Trust Deed Scotland

Trust deed is a solution for debt though it is available only to people residing in Scotland. It is a solution to people who can repay some but not all off their debt and it is not as damaging as bankruptcy which is still suitable for some who can no longer pay back debt without continuing to pay back more.

The words used to describe it are “Scottish trust deed” or a “protected trust deed”.
Before signing a person is promising to pay what they can reasonably afford towards their debt on a monthly basis. This amount will be agreed between both parties. Also people with assets (Commonly equity in property) will need to contribute the asset value in to the trust deed in lieu of the asset value.

They usually continue for three years, and by the end of the term all funds will have gathered in the trust deed. The funds that have gathered will first pay the fees of the trust deed and then each creditor will receive a dividend. If any creditors do not receive a dividend the debt must be written off legally and the creditors can no longer collect them.

For a lot of people in Scotland there disposable income is getting smaller quickly. The price of living has rised dramatically with the price increases in food, gas, electricity and fuel all on the increase. With many wages been frozen and job being lost the pressure to pay debt has never been so high but with money simply not there it is becoming harder and harder to pay the creditors.

With mortgage rates at an all time low this does help however this only leads us in to a false sense of security for when they do rise 8 million people will be affected. Putting even more pressure on the household budget.
If there is no money left to pay the creditors we are in danger of a "debt spiral". The only way to explain this is using creditors to pay creditors. If this did happen the level of debt will increase rapidly.

A trust deed can stop this "debt spiral". The payment into a trust deed depends on an individual’s personal finances and after doing an income and expenditure and taking of priority debt and living cost. Also making sure they have a realistic amount to live day to day without any further borrowing.

The golden rule is to seek help as soon as there is a problem always use a charity the sooner you seek help the more options will be available. For some a Trust deed will be the perfect solution it will not suit everyone so seek advice as soon as you foresee problems .


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