Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Trust deed: The pros and cons explained

Trust deed, the pros and cons explained

With no apparent end in sight to the continued downturn in employment coupled with pay freezes and rising bills it goes some way to explaining why more people than ever are exploring solutions to help them get out of debt. One of the solutions available to people who live in Scotland is called a trust deed.

A trust deed is only available to people that live in Scotland and was created by Scottish law in order to help people with serious debt problems .It is not as serious or damaging as sequestration which is the Scottish equivalent to bankruptcy as under a protected trust deed you can be a company director, hold a public office position or become self employed. This is not the case with sequestration or bankruptcy.
Trust deeds are excellent in certain circumstances for people who for a variety of reasons find they are over exposed to debt and struggling to honour the repayment terms to their creditors. This may be down to you or a family member having a pay cut or a loss of job, possibly even a period of illness.

All unsecured loans e.g. credit card ,store card, bank loans, overdraughts and many more can be included within a protected trust deed .Another excellent reason to consider this solution is that all interest and charges become frozen once your trust deed becomes protected meaning your debt stops increasing.

How a Trust Deed works

A trust deed works by bringing all your debts together and, after insolvency practitioner has completed an income and expenditure identify what is an affordable sum for you to pay on a monthly basis towards your debts.

It is the job of the insolvency practitioner to approach your creditors with the proposal on your behalf explaining your financial position and how much you can reasonably pay towards your debts. The IP is also known as your trustee and if the creditors accept the proposal the trustee will be responsible for ensuring you contribute as much as possible towards your debts. The trustee will monitor your income and expenditure throughout the period of the trust deed . The trust deed becomes “protected”5 weeks after the case is published in the Edinburgh Gazette as long as there are no objections or as long as they are less than one third in value or a majority in number.

Once the trust deed has become protected all communication/harassment from creditors has to stop which for most people is a blessing in itself. If any creditor continues to harass you then you should contact your trustee and he will ensure this practice stops immediately.

Negatives of a Trust Deed

The negatives are that you are not allowed to get further credit while you are in your protected trust deed and your credit file will have defaults attached for a period of 6 years .This will make attaining lines of credit difficult even after you complete the trust deed however once 6 years has passed this situation should ease . Your credit rating will be severely affected through the process.

Many people find the weight off their shoulders allows them to sleep better at night again and to be able to pick up the phone without fear far outweighs the negatives behind this solution in addition to the fact they know exactly when they will have completed the solution and start to re build their credit file once again.


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