Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Avoiding Credit Card Debt Problems - Debt Advice And Support

Credit cards are a way of life for people all around the world. Credit cards can be a useful tool which support us all when we are needing a little financial help. When waiting those extra couple of days before pay-day it can also help to have the ability to buy that treat for ourselves.

While it can be useful to have a credit card because you actually can use credit cards without racking up credit card debt as long as you have the knowledge and the will to do so. While most people will use the their credit facility wisely many have found themselves using the card to pay for the day-to-day cost of living, especially when they are out of work or having financial problems already.

The best way to manage your credit card debt is to manage your finances. This means setting up an income and expenditure to be able to see how much money is left over each month. Sometime people may find that they have less money at the end of each month than they did to begin with. In these instances reductions in expenditure will be required if possible.

Start by writing down all of your income and expenses. Household expenses include your phone, gas, electric, tv and any other household costs. Now subtract your expenses from your income. If you have a negative income you will need to cut what expenses you don't need to come into a positive. It is also a good idea to figure in money for emergencies (if you don't have an emergency fund) and money to put into savings.

Now that you have your budget set, you will need to stick to it and not over spend where it is unnecessary to do so. If in debt then it would be best not to use credit facilities (until after the debt has been resolved) which could further your problem.

If this method doesn't work/help then it would be best to seek professional debt advice from a charity/company who will be able to offer a range of solutions including general advice, debt management, iva, trust deed, lila, debt relief order, bankruptcy and sequestration. For some of these solutions a person may need to have more debts than credit cards but it would not be exclusive.

While a lot if these solutions can be hard to understand or to asses but there is help available to those who want to know what options they have at their disposal.


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