Monday, 16 May 2011

Individual Voluntary Agreement Case Files

Ms E went through a divorce over five years ago now. Ms E now lives with her grown up kids in a rented house through her local authority. She has debt outstanding at approx £40,000. Her debts are two loans and a couple of credit cards.

After the divorce there was only her income and Child Support payments from her ex husband. As the kids are now 18 she does not receive any child support anymore and is struggling to pay her creditors. She has robbed Peter to pay Paul but is now at limits on both credit cards.

Ms E recently sought advice and called Debt Support Trust for financial help. After looking at all avenues Ms E has decided to enter an IVA.

The nominee looking after her case has sent out the proposal to Ms E and also to her creditors. Ms E has a disposable income of £300 per month. The monthly contractual payments for debt add up to £920 per month.

The meeting of the creditors has taken place and the vote went in favour of the IVA to go ahead meaning that in five years Ms E can look forward to a new beginning. Ms E will pay £300 per month into her IVA and will pay so much back to the creditors and at the end the rest will be legally written off. All interest and charges will be frozen. (Unless the IVA terms are not met then these can be added back on).

Ms E can now see light at the end of the tunnel and has no assets that the supervisor will look at so has now peace of mind.


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