Monday, 16 May 2011

Protected Trust Deed Case Studies

Mr W has recently separated from his long term partner and now lives alone. He has approx £25,000
of unsecured debt from a personal loan to various credit cards all in his sole name. He rents his home from a local housing association.

As there is now only one wage coming into the house he is now finding it difficult to pay all of his essential bills and does not have enough money left over to service his debt. Once the essential bills are paid he only has £240 left over to pay to his debt. He needs £695 per month to cover his monthly contractual payments.

Mr W sought advice and contacted Debt Support Trust and after we gave the most appropriate advice we advised on a PTD. The trust deed allows Mr W to make an offer to his creditors in the hope he can get this sorted in the next three years. He has no assets like a house or car etc.

After Mr W signed his trust deed the trustee advertised his trust deed in the Edinburgh Gazzette and this gives the creditors 5 weeks to object. As long as a third in value or a majority in number don’t object then the trust deed will become protected. Once it is protected all interest and charges are frozen. (Unless the trust deed is not completed satisfactorily the interest and charges could be added back on).

This means that in three years Mr W will be discharged from the trust deed and all outstanding debt
will be written off.


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