Tuesday, 10 May 2011

New Trust Deed statistics revealed!

New debt statistics have revealed how many Protected Trust Deeds are being administered per postcode. These new debt stats were collated by Debt Support Trust and formatted into a table in order to show which postcode was the largest for protected trust deeds.

From the new debt statistics it is clear that of the 7,980 protected trust deeds (KY11) Inverkeithing had the largest amount between 2010 and 2011 with 144 while TD4 (Earlston) had the lowest number over the year with just 1 case.

The new information has been released in the form of a table which can be searched in order to find a specific postcode. The information has also be released with information to help everyone understand what the statistics mean.

The five largest postcode areas for protected trust deeds are shown below in the list.

KY11 - 144 Inverkeithing
ML5 - 114 Coatbridge
ML6 - 113 Airdrie
EH54 - 110 Livingston
G81 - 105 Clydebank

The general postcode regions have also been collated which means people can see a general overview of which regional postcode was biggest for a Protected Trust Deed.

Note: It is worth remembering that these stats while useful are not linked to per 100,000 population. This means that we while the G postcode may be the largest for a Protected Trust Deed it is also the largest per population and therefore faced a higher chance of having the largest Protected Trust Deed. This information can help to see what effects can create debt and help to stop it in future. For example, In an area where a large factory has closed down and people have faced redundancies it is useful to know wither or not this area was large for protected trust deeds as it could have had an impact.

This information was collated after the released statistics from the accountant in bankruptcy who administers protected trust deeds. The information was then broken into individual postcodes and listed from largest to smallest.

Please note there is a discrepancy of 7 between the 7970 Protected Trust Deeds and the 7973 postcodes.
The statistics have also been split into a pie chart which shows the regional postcodes for each Protected Trust Deed. 

The introduction of certificate of sequestration last year also contributed to a large decrease in the number of people who entered a Protected Trust Deed. This new debt solution allows people to apply for sequestration without the need to prove they are apparent insolvent and therefore have their creditors seek sequestration.


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